Kitchen Notes

Meet Walter, Executive Chef

October 13th, 2017

Creating the innovative craft-cooking menu for The Lakehouse is no small feat. With local produce and ingredients taking center stage, each dish not only requires unique cooking techniques, but the ability to bring the authentic flavors of each ingredient to life. With such a delicate balance in place, between artisanal craft-cooking and creating a sense of familiarity, the requirements call for a creative and intuitive chef, which is where Executive Chef Walter Edward comes in.



Having worked together at my previous restaurant, Crush, I knew when bringing on Walter that we were good together, and already proven. We play off each other as a chef team should – bringing life to The Lakehouse vision. My respect for Walter’s craft is evident in every dish that he produces.

When I first met Walter, he told me about how cooking was his true passion, from growing up in the kitchen during family events, and continuing to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He shared stories about his drive to develop his skills, evident in his influential experiences from regional cooking in the U.S., to Barcelona, Antwerp and Beaujolais, France – Walter’s culinary skill continue to flourish to this day, showing no signs of slowing down.



At The Lakehouse, Walter’s art of collaborative cooking fosters intimate conversations and serves to create memorable experiences. Like all chefs, there’s nothing more enjoyable than creating something truly authentic, and watching people enjoy the fruits of our labor; Walter exemplifies this with a passion.

Enjoy the truly unique, well-executed dishes that Walter puts out daily at The Lakehouse. In the process, you could easily find yourself in conversation with Walter about his recent farmer visit, experimenting with a new ingredient, playing with new techniques in our kitchen, or even what his five-year-old twins are up to.

– Jason

Walter’s Favorite Dish: Roasted Cauliflower with curry spice, green apple, herb hummus, preserved lemon and kale pesto. Noting his love of cauliflower, “This is a dish that truly accentuates the vegetable itself.”

Vibrant, Farm-Inspired Craft Cooking Extends to Weekend Brunch

September 29th, 2017

The Lakehouse opened just over three-months ago based on the history of Bellevue and the farmer relationships that we’ve procured over the years. Now we’ve translated our vibrant, farm-inspired craft cooking into weekend brunch, starting tomorrow! True to our core, the dishes we serve at brunch will be a reflection of The Lakehouse’s continued dedication to utilizing local, farm-fresh ingredients from our dedicated purveyors, including Lazy B Ranch, Mad Hatcher Farms, Frog Hollow Farms, and global superfood Coffee Flour and more.

“From the Orchard,” “Sounds, Seas and Rivers,” and “Fields and Farms” keeps the focus on the ingredients, assembled in dishes that we hope will bring a leisurely, enjoyable and delicious weekend morning.

Created from a desire to play with different textures and flavors, and twists on classic breakfast items, the menu includes our bold Cocoa Coffee Flour Pancakes with blueberries and yogurt, walnuts, and sticky toffee (full of protein, antioxidants, and more, thanks to the plant-based Coffee Flour); and the decadent Buttermilk Beecher’s Cheddar Waffle, melons and chile, bacon, arugula, and fried egg. Or steer towards lunch with Shrimp N Grits with spot prawns, anson mills grits, tomato chutney, peppers and grilled onions; or the Grilled Albacore Tuna “Steak,” with summer squash & garden bean salad, hens egg, heirloom tomato, black olive tapenade — a celebration of the abundance of local fresh ingredients, and a clean, simple technique, that allows the rich flavors of each ingredient to shine through.

Even with some of our guests’ favorites on the menu, including our signature Grilled Octopus, Palouse Sweet Corn Soup, and Lakehouse Wagyu Beef Burger, brunch wouldn’t be brunch without a variety of cocktails! It’s all about sharing and socializing with Mimosas to Share – choose from the classic orange juice, or try pom-cran or grapefruit-elderflower. Create Your Own Bloody Mary, or indulge in the Coffee Flour Chocolate Cherry Martini!

We invite you into our home for a great start to your weekend.

-The Lakehouse team

Weekend Brunch: Starting tomorrow, September 30, 7 a.m, – 4 p.m.




Opening June 15th

May 17th, 2017

I’m excited to finally share the opening of my two new places, The Lakehouse and Civility & Unrest, both opening on two separate floors of the new W Bellevue hotel on June 15! What started two years ago is finally coming to fruition. The process of creating each place has not only been a wonderful experience, but one that has required a lot of time and focus on details, which is now resulting in a lifelong dream.


The inspiration involved in these two projects stemmed from the history of Bellevue, and what I see as cooking to a sense of place – cooking to Bellevue and a history of simple beginnings, growing into the booming metropolis that it is today. From concept to design, menu to uniforms, ingredient sourcing to hiring, and everything in between, these projects have become a part of my daily life, one that I welcome with full passion.


My interpretation of a northwest farmhouse has resulted in produce-driven craft cooking at The Lakehouse. The vibrant, farm-inspired menu is one that I’ve labored over, thought through day and night, changed, and changed back, and continue to evolve.

Civility & Unrest is speakeasy-inspired. Hidden within the W Bellevue, it’s a place for fun, excitement and discovery, while enjoying serious craft cocktails, flowing champagnes and sparkling wines.



I look forward to sharing more about each of these places in the coming weeks, and to welcoming you through the doors come June 15.