Kitchen Notes

Meet Lawrence Main, General Manager at The Lakehouse

“Still waters run deep” is an apt metaphor for Lakehouse general manager, Lawrence Main. While he is known for his calm presence with his team and guests, there are a few surprises in his story. 

Lawrence grew up in California and graduated from Bakersfield High School before heading east to attend the University of North Carolina in Charlotte where he studied communications. In 1995, Lawrence joined the Marine Corps, where he primarily worked on flight lines for the Aircraft Wing. After 18 months on active duty, he spent the following 4 years in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Lawrence began his hospitality career as a sixteen year-old cook in a small Italian restaurant and then began a path where he learned his front of the house skills in 28 restaurants all over the country. His first GM position was with Rosti Tuscan Kitchen and he continued in management with Restaurants Unlimited at four Palomino restaurants and Stanley & Seaforts in Tacoma. Lawrence spent seven years as GM for John Howie at Seastar Bellevue before heading back to California to work with chef Michael Mina in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seattle.

After leaving RN74 in 2016, Lawrence reached out on social media asking about ideas for his next step. Most of the responses told him to go talk to James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson. The two had never met, but Lawrence reached out, and after working a few private functions together, they decided it was a great fit. “It is always great to work where you are proud and excited by the food, the environment and the team,” Lawrence exclaims. “Jason and I basically share the same brain when it comes to a lot of views on both life and business.”

Lawrence describes The Lakehouse style as a place that allows guests to feel comfortable whether they are dressed for the mall or the theater, with their children or their business associates. “Jason and I have worked really hard to make sure we feel approachable to all of our guests.”

Lawrence’s extended family is stretched out across California and his father and one of his brothers live in Houston and another brother in Reno. Lawrence lost his mom about 20 years ago and carries her memory very close to his heart at all times. He shares his home with his best friend and former partner and their 10year old West Highland Terrier, Raleigh. He has been described as even-tempered, unorganized, confident, respected and open-minded. He’s a bit of a thrill-seeker as well: at one time, he would do anything he was dared to do for $20, including diving off a pier, pulling a car’s emergency brake at full speed and swimming a frozen Boise river in the middle of winter. He loves comfort foods such as cassoulet and a nice bottle of Cote Rotie but his guilty pleasure is a Coke and chicken nuggets.

Lawrence’s mantra of “don’t worry, be happy” sums up his approach to his life and role as general manager at The Lakehouse. His calm presence and warm smile are ready to greet you when you join us at The Lakehouse.

Join us for Easter Brunch Sunday, April 1

Enjoy these Easter brunch items in addition to our normal brunch menu.

Green Eggs n Ham
Duroc Pork “Zabuton” Steak with parmesan eggs and salsa verde

Build your own Granola Parfait, Waffle and Pancake Bar
Fresh Fruits, Compotes, Syrups, Toppings, yogurts, and creams

Dungeness Crab Lettuce Wraps
with Roasted Pineapple

Chicken and Waffles
Fried Egg, Buttered Spinach, Mustard pickle and maple

Grilled Prime Washington Sirloin Steak and Eggs as you like them.
Roasted Garlic Hashbrowns & Chimichuri

Buttermilk Donut Holes
with Housemade Jam and Chocolate coffee Sauce

Sweet Potato Brioche “Sticky Cinnamon Bun” Roll

Meet Joel Handshuh, Chef de Cuisine

Joel Handshuh’s favorite quote perfectly expresses what he loves about being a chef: “He who works with his hands is a laborer, he who works with his head and his hands is a craftsman, he who works with his head, his hands and his heart, is an artist.” -St. Francis of Assisi. Chef Joel says that cooking allows him to creatively express himself in a way that provides an immediate and tactile response. “Providing happiness for others through food is a feeling I have yet to match,” he says. Since joining us at The Lakehouse Bellevue in November 2017, Joel has been delighting guests with that creativity and passion.

Originally from Palm Springs, CA, Joel began his culinary career while attending the University of Arizona. His time at the Tubac Country Club gave him his first taste in fine dining and he fell in love with the culinary arts and began pursuing it full time. He briefly moved back to Palm Springs and worked for the Purple Palm where he met his first mentor who taught him about the nuance and dedication required to succeed in this field. Joel spent most of his culinary career in San Diego at the Grand Del Mar working in Amaya and the acclaimed fine-dining restaurant Addison. During his tenure, the Grand Del Mar earned Forbes 5 star ratings for three consecutive years and was recognized as top luxury hotel in the US.
Joel wanted to expand his culinary horizons and moved to Seattle. “I knew I wanted to be somewhere with strong food integrity and a diverse restaurant scene.” He joined former French Laundry chef, Mark Bodinet at Copperleaf, where he continued to expand his culinary repertoire and was shown how a true farm-to-table restaurant operates in this region. Joel was selected as a personal chef to one of Seattle’s most notable high net worth individuals and during the two and a half years in that position, was given exciting challenges and incredible opportunities to travel and develop his skills.

Lakehouse Executive Chef and owner Jason Wilson knew Joel was talented and hoped the two would work together at some point and The Lakehouse provided that perfect opportunity. Joel is excited to be part of a restaurant again and enjoys the “passion of the entire team and commitment to excellence” found at The Lakehouse.

When dining out, Joel’s favorite food to eat is a perfect ribeye or piece of seared fois gras, as well as sushi and In-N-Out Burger. When he cooks at home, he focuses on simple ingredients and trying new flavors and techniques inspired by culinary periodicals, social media and his travels. His favorite exotic cuisine experience was authentic Szechuan food. Joel and his girlfriend, Allison, have a “furry little buddy” named Marley and the four year old dog is the light of their lives. His parents and twin siblings, Kip and Casey, still live in the Palm Springs area and visiting them allows him to enjoy golf and hiking.

Fun fact: Joel was once a contestant and winner on Wheel of Fortune! You don’t need to buy a vowel or solve the puzzle to join Joel and his talented team for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner at The Lakehouse in the W Hotel Bellevue.

New Year’s Resolution to Get Healthy?

Resolve to start 2018 deliciously with The Lakehouse freshly pressed juice blends. Our red, green and yellow juices are cold pressed so they include 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients and a unique and tasty combination of flavors. They pair perfectly with breakfast dishes including Coffee Flour granola, oil-cured salmon and avocado toast or our signature field-hand breakfast.

red…beet, ginger, orange, carrot

green…cucumber, kale, lemon, pear

yellow…pineapple, lemongrass, pepper, fennel

Cheers to a healthy start to 2018!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner


$90 Adults / $45 Children 10 & under


stuffed seckel pears
dolce gorgonzola, chorizo

deviled eggs
beet, truffle, salmon roe

roasted chestnut soup
creme fraiche

parker house rolls
salted wildflower honey butter


roasted squash and pumpkin salad
winter greens, grilled tree fruits, pomegranate dressing

butter lettuce and endive citrus salad
shaved radishes, winter citrus, parmesan


herb and salt roasted salmon
meyer lemon, spot prawn butter

niman ranch eye of prime rib
truffled mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, sauteed kale, roasted squash


chocolate roulade
tangerine meringue, chocolate ganache, brandied cherries

goat cheese cake
cranberry compote, spiced graham crumble

Holiday Bonus Reward Promotion

Revelers Club Holiday Bonus
November 24 to December 31

Dine at any Revelers Club location this holiday season and receive a one-time $50 reward when you spend $250 or more.
When you dine and spend more than $250* with us between November 24 and December 31, as a Revelers Club member you will receive a one-time $50 reward bonus to redeem in January 2018. The bonus will automatically load to your account on January 2, 2018 for redemption through January 31, 2018. This is in addition to your earned loyalty points.
Revel with us this Holiday Season!

*Total is on food and beverage only and excludes tax and service charge or gratuity.

Thanksgiving at The Lakehouse

Thursday, November 23 • 11am – 8pm
Reservations strongly suggested

$70/person, $45/kids 12 and under
plus tax


Ask about our special cocktails and wine pairings.


Twice Baked Sunchokes with bacon, gruyere, and chives
Freshly Baked Multigrain Rolls
Deviled Eggs, Pickled in Beet Juice, Smoked Salmon Roe
Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Roasted Squash, Autumn Greens, Pumpkin Seeds, White Cheddar, Crisp Sage
Grilled and Fresh Apples and Pears, Endive, Blue Cheese, Walnuts and Pomegranate

Classic Roasted Natural Turkey
Whole Grain Bread, Apple and Chanterelle Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Gravy, Cranberry Chutney

Grilled Niman Ranch Prime Eye of the Rib
with Mashed Potatoes, Horseradish, Sauteed Kale

Pecan Pie, maple bourbon ice cream with caramel sauce
Honeynut Squash Cheesecake, maple granola, cranberry sorbet

Artistic Collaboration: Chef Jason Wilson Brings Authentic Craft-Cooking to Teatro ZinZanni



Opening The Lakehouse has always been a dream of mine. From concept to design, it has fulfilled many of my career goals and personal aspirations. As a chef, it’s those aspirations that keep growing and evolving, sometimes daily. Now, it has brought me to a place where quality, innovation and authenticity meet on a different kind of stage – at Teatro ZinZanni.

One of the most genuine and artistic organizations in Western Washington, Teatro ZinZanni returns tomorrow, October 19, for the first time on the Eastside. The vibrant, farm-inspired craft-cooking of The Lakehouse will accompany the theatrics and entertainment under the spiegelent with Love, Chaos and Dinner at Marymoor Park.



The opportunity to work with Teatzo ZinZanni and design the menu, was forged from a shared, genuine love of craft and art, from the talented and creative cast and players to the interpretation and innovation of the food.

When developing the menu under the famous spiegelent, I wanted to stick to the root of how I approach my cooking at The Lakehouse – local, seasonal, craft-cooking. The dishes will work symbiotically with the playfulness of the show, allowing everyone who attends to experience the show and lose themselves in the performance, while enjoying a delicious, authentic dinner, with a few surprises along the way.



I look forward to welcoming theater-enthusiasts to this artistic collaboration and bringing The Lakehouse’s vibrant, farm-inspired craft-cooking to the thrilling, breathtaking performances for the next six months.

– Jason

View the full menu and get tickets for Love Chaos and Dinner.


Vibrant, Farm-Inspired Craft Cooking Extends to Weekend Brunch

The Lakehouse opened just over three-months ago based on the history of Bellevue and the farmer relationships that we’ve procured over the years. Now we’ve translated our vibrant, farm-inspired craft cooking into weekend brunch, starting tomorrow! True to our core, the dishes we serve at brunch will be a reflection of The Lakehouse’s continued dedication to utilizing local, farm-fresh ingredients from our dedicated purveyors, including Lazy B Ranch, Mad Hatcher Farms, Frog Hollow Farms, and global superfood Coffee Flour and more.

“From the Orchard,” “Sounds, Seas and Rivers,” and “Fields and Farms” keeps the focus on the ingredients, assembled in dishes that we hope will bring a leisurely, enjoyable and delicious weekend morning.

Created from a desire to play with different textures and flavors, and twists on classic breakfast items, the menu includes our bold Cocoa Coffee Flour Pancakes with blueberries and yogurt, walnuts, and sticky toffee (full of protein, antioxidants, and more, thanks to the plant-based Coffee Flour); and the decadent Buttermilk Beecher’s Cheddar Waffle, melons and chile, bacon, arugula, and fried egg. Or steer towards lunch with Shrimp N Grits with spot prawns, anson mills grits, tomato chutney, peppers and grilled onions; or the Grilled Albacore Tuna “Steak,” with summer squash & garden bean salad, hens egg, heirloom tomato, black olive tapenade — a celebration of the abundance of local fresh ingredients, and a clean, simple technique, that allows the rich flavors of each ingredient to shine through.

Even with some of our guests’ favorites on the menu, including our signature Grilled Octopus, Palouse Sweet Corn Soup, and Lakehouse Wagyu Beef Burger, brunch wouldn’t be brunch without a variety of cocktails! It’s all about sharing and socializing with Mimosas to Share – choose from the classic orange juice, or try pom-cran or grapefruit-elderflower. Create Your Own Bloody Mary, or indulge in the Coffee Flour Chocolate Cherry Martini!

We invite you into our home for a great start to your weekend.

-The Lakehouse team

Weekend Brunch: Starting tomorrow, September 30, 7 a.m, – 4 p.m.




Opening June 15th

I’m excited to finally share the opening of my two new places, The Lakehouse and Civility & Unrest, both opening on two separate floors of the new W Bellevue hotel on June 15! What started two years ago is finally coming to fruition. The process of creating each place has not only been a wonderful experience, but one that has required a lot of time and focus on details, which is now resulting in a lifelong dream.


The inspiration involved in these two projects stemmed from the history of Bellevue, and what I see as cooking to a sense of place – cooking to Bellevue and a history of simple beginnings, growing into the booming metropolis that it is today. From concept to design, menu to uniforms, ingredient sourcing to hiring, and everything in between, these projects have become a part of my daily life, one that I welcome with full passion.


My interpretation of a northwest farmhouse has resulted in produce-driven craft cooking at The Lakehouse. The vibrant, farm-inspired menu is one that I’ve labored over, thought through day and night, changed, and changed back, and continue to evolve.

Civility & Unrest is speakeasy-inspired. Hidden within the W Bellevue, it’s a place for fun, excitement and discovery, while enjoying serious craft cocktails, flowing champagnes and sparkling wines.



I look forward to sharing more about each of these places in the coming weeks, and to welcoming you through the doors come June 15.