Keith Kreeger

Ceramist Keith Kreeger was hooked on working with clay from his very first class many years ago. Today, his handmade plateware for restaurants stands out because of the clean, simple lines that let a chef’s work shine. Keith and Jason look at their fields in similar ways by understanding the history, the technique, the materials and the impact that a piece of art, whether the plate itself or the food served on it, can have with the intention of creating lasting impressions. Artistically inspired by patterns, form, fashion, food and other objects, Keith was given the freedom, with a few guidelines from Jason, to create incredible, unique handmade ceramics that will be used daily at The Lakehouse. “The thing that matters most to me is that my work is used,” he said. “I do not want it living on a shelf; that’s why collaborating with chefs like Jason has been so fun for me.”