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Kitchen Nook

Designed to feel like your own, the Kitchen Nook is a semi-private space that seats up to 32 guests at rectangle tables or 24 guests at 3 rectangle guests that leave space for mingling and cocktails. The space features modern pantry shelving with an open air feel.
Maximum of 32 seated guests.

Chef’s Table Dining Room

The Chef’s Table Dining Room features sliding doors to create a private space. The room’s large hand-crafted patchwork wood table seats up to 12 guests comfortably, 14 with end caps. If you decide to leave the doors open, enjoy a front row view to watch the chef work in the kitchen.
Maximum of 12 seated guests.

Wild Primitive Room

The “Wild Primitive” Semi-Private Dining Room seats up to 20 at two rectangular tables and features a counter to place stationed appetizers prior to your sit down dinner. Enjoy the activity of the open exhibition kitchen as you experience this more intimate space.
Maximum of 20 seated guests.

Farmhouse Table

Enjoy the action in the heart of the restaurant while comfortably dining at this counter height table with black farmhouse style chairs.
Maximum of 16-18 seated guests.

Garden Table

Nestled into a cozy banquet in the front of our Lakehouse. The Garden Table offers capacity for your large party and sweeping views of our entire restaurant.
Maximim of 16-18 Guests

South Side Retreat

For large events and parties our entire Lakehouse can be reserved, or just half. The south side of our Lakehouse offers room to dine and mingle.