Meet Lawrence Main, General Manager at The Lakehouse

“Still waters run deep” is an apt metaphor for Lakehouse general manager, Lawrence Main. While he is known for his calm presence with his team and guests, there are a few surprises in his story. 

Lawrence grew up in California and graduated from Bakersfield High School before heading east to attend the University of North Carolina in Charlotte where he studied communications. In 1995, Lawrence joined the Marine Corps, where he primarily worked on flight lines for the Aircraft Wing. After 18 months on active duty, he spent the following 4 years in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Lawrence began his hospitality career as a sixteen year-old cook in a small Italian restaurant and then began a path where he learned his front of the house skills in 28 restaurants all over the country. His first GM position was with Rosti Tuscan Kitchen and he continued in management with Restaurants Unlimited at four Palomino restaurants and Stanley & Seaforts in Tacoma. Lawrence spent seven years as GM for John Howie at Seastar Bellevue before heading back to California to work with chef Michael Mina in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seattle.

After leaving RN74 in 2016, Lawrence reached out on social media asking about ideas for his next step. Most of the responses told him to go talk to James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson. The two had never met, but Lawrence reached out, and after working a few private functions together, they decided it was a great fit. “It is always great to work where you are proud and excited by the food, the environment and the team,” Lawrence exclaims. “Jason and I basically share the same brain when it comes to a lot of views on both life and business.”

Lawrence describes The Lakehouse style as a place that allows guests to feel comfortable whether they are dressed for the mall or the theater, with their children or their business associates. “Jason and I have worked really hard to make sure we feel approachable to all of our guests.”

Lawrence’s extended family is stretched out across California and his father and one of his brothers live in Houston and another brother in Reno. Lawrence lost his mom about 20 years ago and carries her memory very close to his heart at all times. He shares his home with his best friend and former partner and their 10year old West Highland Terrier, Raleigh. He has been described as even-tempered, unorganized, confident, respected and open-minded. He’s a bit of a thrill-seeker as well: at one time, he would do anything he was dared to do for $20, including diving off a pier, pulling a car’s emergency brake at full speed and swimming a frozen Boise river in the middle of winter. He loves comfort foods such as cassoulet and a nice bottle of Cote Rotie but his guilty pleasure is a Coke and chicken nuggets.

Lawrence’s mantra of “don’t worry, be happy” sums up his approach to his life and role as general manager at The Lakehouse. His calm presence and warm smile are ready to greet you when you join us at The Lakehouse.