Meet the GM: Chris LeRoy, The Lakehouse Bellevue

Chris Leroy


As general manager of The Lakehouse Bellevue, Chris LeRoy brings a deep understanding and respect for the restaurant’s farming partners. When he isn’t in the restaurant, he is tending his own farm in Carnation, WA and frequently showcases his herbs and flowers in the restaurant’s bar menus and decor.

Chris has been part of the Fire & Vine Hospitality family since 2006 at El Gaucho Bellevue and the former Seattle-based Troiani. He briefly left to help open and lead the bar at Il Terrazzo Carmine’s Bellevue location but returned when he heard about the new Fire & Vine Hospitality partnership. “I came to The Lakehouse when I heard that Chad and Jason joined forces. With Jason’s amazing food and the over-the-top hospitality of El Gaucho, I knew it was going to be my new home.”

Since the June 2017 opening, Chris has managed The Lakehouse bar program and was eventually promoted to assistant general manager. In October 2019, he became general manager for both The Lakehouse and Civility & Unrest. He is known for his hard work ethic and his love of numbers. He was a Theoretical Math major at the University of Washington and brings a unique blend of data analysis and dedicated guest service to his role as general manager.

Chris and his wife, Serina, met in the restaurant industry and now share their love of farming and animals. In addition to caring for several horses, they have a Malamute/Akita mix named Loki and a cat named Sypher. Outside of farm work, Chris likes to spend his free time sailing his boat and snowboarding in the mountains. He has an affinity for big Italian red wine, rich Kentucky bourbon and loves pasta. Join Chris at The Lakehouse to find out more about our new general manager and resident farmer.