Vibrant, Farm-Inspired Craft Cooking

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Thursday through Saturday


Enjoy vibrant, farm fresh comfort food in your home

Lakehouse In Your House

To Our Guests-

2020 proved one thing – we are a resilient community and while we support good health and saving lives, we are also at the mercy of you, our guests, during a time when our vitality is of the utmost importance. Our team asks for your support, your engagement and community togetherness as we all collectively push through these unprecedented times.

We are all moving forward one step at a time, finding balance in the process. While we can’t nourish you at our place, we can feed you, feed your body, and feed your soul in your home with our new takeout menu — The Lakehouse In Your House.

–The Lakehouse Team

Welcome to The Lakehouse

A Northwest farmhouse concept by James Beard Award-winning Chef Jason Wilson.

Inspired by Bellevue’s sense of place and evolution, the menu spotlights the produce sourced from our ever-evolving grower and farmer relationships. Expect the highest level of detail and imagination executed in simple, fresh, produce-driven craft cooking, accented with local seafoods and meats, handmade pasta and a house-made larder.

We invite you to a sophisticated retreat for delicious, pure, authentic craft cooking.


To Go Menu: Wednesday-Saturday

Pick-up: 4-6 p.m.

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Victoria Lee Sanders

VSpoke ART

Vickie is a multimedia artist that found clay through the Lakehouse. “After experiencing how special it was to eat from vessels with soul, I decided to pursue ceramics to express my art. I was used to using beautiful matching dinnerware in my daily life but there is a tactile difference when you feel the connection with a vessel that has the touch of the hand in the making. I make every piece with intention and thoughtfulness. My goal is to make a functional piece of art that highlights the food and graces a tabletop with life and excitement.” Currently Vickie makes one of a kind dinnerware and serviceware for our Chef’s table dinners and special catering events. She also displays some one-of-a-kind pieces at The Lakehouse that are for sale. For more information contact her at Instagram #vspokeart

Victoria Lee Sanders VSpoke ART


Amy Dietrich

Froghollow Farm

Jeff and Amy Dietrich started Walla Walla Valley-based Froghollow Farm out of their passion, dedication and hard work ethic. They aimed to foster that ethic in their two children to ultimately build character and “other-centeredness,” right down to donating blemished produce to local food banks and schools. The Dietrichs draw satisfaction in chef-farmer relationships, and Jason’s rapid-fire questions and passion for quality produce underscore how they’re growing with a purpose. Exclusive to The Lakehouse is the “Litchie,” Froghollow’s “Frog Egg” eggplant and cherry tomato cross that has a hint of strawberry. Also look for Froghollow’s bitter melon and many other fresh produce items worked into craft cooking on the menu.

The Lakehouse - Frog Hollow Farm


Chris Savittiere


Chris Savittiere merged his 25+ years in the service industry with a passion for tailoring, leatherwork and pattern-making to create Savilino, producing some of the most compelling uniforms, aprons and leather goods for top restaurants and bars. Jason and Chris met as booth neighbors at a Chicago trade show and Jason was immediately impressed by Savilino’s creativity and craftsmanship. Sharing an intense attention to detail and a respect and appreciation for Chris’ craft, Jason tapped Savittiere’s talent when The Lakehouse was conceived to collaborate on custom-made aprons, menu covers and other items.

Aritsan Partner - Savilino


Keith Kreeger

Keith Kreeger Studios

Ceramist Keith Kreeger was hooked on working with clay from his very first class many years ago. Today, his handmade plateware for restaurants stands out because of the clean, simple lines that let a chef’s work shine. Keith and Jason look at their fields in similar ways by understanding the history, the technique, the materials and the impact that a piece of art, whether the plate itself or the food served on it, can have with the intention of creating lasting impressions. Artistically inspired by patterns, form, fashion, food and other objects, Keith was given the freedom, with a few guidelines from Jason, to create incredible, unique handmade ceramics that will be used daily at The Lakehouse. “The thing that matters most to me is that my work is used,” he said. “I do not want it living on a shelf; that’s why collaborating with chefs like Jason has been so fun for me.”

Artisan Partner - Keith Kreeger Studios


Delphine Lippens

Humble Ceramics and Delphine Lippens

“I didn’t choose ceramics, ceramics chose me.” The authentic intention behind the art is what drives Delphine and her artistic philosophy to heal through beauty. Jason’s appreciation for the artistic process and story behind each piece took him to personally visit the studio to collaborate with Delphine on two key elements for The Lakehouse: one-of-a-kind petites sculptures called “Dakini,” and a unique combination of Humble Ceramics. Even to this day, Delphine remains in awe by the life that each piece takes on once it leaves the studio.

Artisan Partner - Humble Ceramics & Delphine Lippins


Brad Larkin

Bradford Knives

Inspired by the primitive nature of the blade, Brad hand crafts fixed-blade knives using modern technology and artful conception. Aligning Jason and Brad’s passion for quality, design and functionality, Brad developed a unique steel bladed steak knife exclusive to Jason’s restaurants. With each knife, high-end materials and methods build “heirloom” quality knives, meant to be used both in kitchens and outdoors.

Aritsan Partner - Bradford Knife

Chef Jason Wilson

“The Lakehouse is my interpretation of a Northwest Farmhouse through and through. A place that is comfortable, yet elegant; familiar, yet sophisticated. Ultimately, a respite, a home for our guests, where we are able to put forth delicious, pure, authentic craft cooking.”